Why love?

Dear readers,

I tried to think of the thing that is most important in my life when I came up with the theme for this blog, and I was impressed with the idea of using Christ as the center of everything I write. After all, He is the greatest example of love the world has ever known, and as a Christian and soon-to-be mother, the Savior of the world gives me hope where turbulence and intolerance have a firm foothold. Perhaps that idea is controversial to some, or even offensive. The most I can say is this: I am sorry you feel that way. That said, I will not censor or change what I say because others do not like it, or if they vehemently disagree. I do not recall Christ changing his mind because he offended people, so neither shall I.

I will probably do a lot of talking about my family because they are part of who I am, and who I will become. I think often on all we have been through, and look forward to future memories with existing family members and new ones as they are introduced.

Another thing I will probably do is address topics that I believe are of vital importance today. I have not decided on any limit to this so things like religion, family, morals, politics, etc. are likely to come up. I am not claiming, nor will I ever claim to be an authority on any particular subject, and I am open to fair discussion and constructive criticism as it arises. I feel it is important to hear people out even if I do not agree with them.

All in all, I hope to stay true to myself, to my morals, and to my God. Whatever happens, that is most important to me.



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