Cruel and Unusual

I am a terrible person. No, I mean a truly awful individual. The great proverbial “They” should lock me up and throw away they key.


Aside from my many minor defects and past mistakes that I clumsily attempt to make up for, I must now confess that -at least this is what I have been told- I am a cruel person. I have twisted views on life, love, and… well, just about everything else. These views shape everything I am or ever hope to be. The fact that I hope to continue this lifestyle for the rest of my days does not leave much room for future improvement.

How is this possible? What could have gone so drastically wrong in my life to make me this way? Certainly, my parents played a major role in my development, but ultimately the end product of my faulty character is entirely my doing. Yes, I chose to be this way.

What prompted me to compose such a depreciative post about myself? A lot of it has to do with a sharp figurative slap in the face I got several days back. I came across a post on Facebook that was contrary to my belief system, as barbaric as it may be, and I made the unfortunate mistake of responding to said post in a way that ruffled the feathers of perfectly rational, normal human beings. I do not usually stoop to spreading my diabolical view points with others, but know I thought I was responding to someone who I thought would understand where I was coming from even if he/she did not agree with me. Part my misunderstanding has to do with the friends I usually surround myself with in person and on the internet. Yes, there are people as malignantly pathetic as me. Another part of that has to do with where I live, which is full of like-minded individuals as well. Anyway, I was shocked at how disgusted and superior these people were in regard to my comment. I have not had such vehement personal attacks since I got home from serving my mission in Alaska.

Perhaps it would be helpful if I enumerated some of the key points of my belief system which got those individuals so angry at me:

1: I believe that there is a supreme being whom I refer to as God.

Yes, it is true. I believe that there is some all-powerful person out there somewhere who not only created me, but everyone and everything else in this universe. I believe that he knows me perfectly (crazy right?) and everything I do, say, and even think. I believe that he loves all his creations, even me, and has a plan for all of us… To return to live with him if we will do whatever he asks us to.

2: I believe that there is such a thing as right and wrong.

The above-mentioned God gave commandments as guidelines for living a happy, productive life. In choosing to follow said commandments, which can be found in all canons of scripture, I believe I am making correct choices. When I follow and keep God’s edicts, I believe I am on a path that will allow me to live with Him again after I die. Because God is all-knowing, I figure he would know better than me what is good and what is bad, so I have no problems letting go of pride and doing as He says. So far so good. I have had peace and happiness in my life whenever I keep his commandments.

3: I believe there is such a thing as absolute truth.

Yes, yes, I know. Shades of gray… Blah, blah, blah… There are some things that are absolutely true, and absolutely false in this world. I have seen both extremes in the spectrum. Mankind is capable of the darkest, foulest depravity because some choose to adhere to falsehoods… but we also possess the capacity for the best, which comes from using truth as a guide. By the way, truth comes from God.

4: I believe people can and must change.

Does that mean I think you need to do some things differently? Yes. Does that mean I think I need to do some things differently? Of course. While I mentioned before that I feel peace and happiness when I follow God’s commandments, I will be the first to admit that I am not always perfect about doing so. I constantly need to stop myself and try to fix things in my life, which is not easy sometimes. I get unnecessarily angry, I procrastinate, I let my pride get in the way. That is okay though, for the reason I am about to cite in my next assertion.

5: I believe that Jesus Christ has saved me.

Well, He has. One of the stipulations that God set forth is that he will not allow anyone back to live with him unless they are perfect like He is. Jesus Christ, God’s only begotten son in the flesh, volunteered to suffer for every mortal imperfection despite the fact that he did not deserve it so that we could have a shot at ultimate happiness. He lived a perfect life, after all. This means that as long as I, or anyone else, changes and strives to be better will receive the full benefit package (so to speak) of His atoning sacrifice. All He asks is that we do our best and then fix things when we screw up. He makes up the difference with God the Father.

Now do you see what I mean about my odd, cruel nature? Perhaps not. This means I believe almost everything that is now considered acceptable in this world is wrong. Gay marriage? Yep, wrong. Abortion? Definitely. Sex outside of marriage? Uh huh. How about pornography? Absolutely. I think you get the idea.

That said, know that I have no problems being friends with people who do not feel the same. I have friends, family, and even acquaintances that I associate with who have different lifestyles. I believe it is possible to love and care for another person and disagree with them. I do not expect everyone to stop doing what I disagree with and carbon copy my belief system as their own, but nor will I change myself to fit their world view. I cannot. I have made promises which I intend to keep. If this makes me cruel and unusual by the world’s standards (such as they are) then so be it.


One thought on “Cruel and Unusual

  1. Thanks for sharing. I have experienced a similar response and from some people who I thought would “understand” me though we disagree as well.

    “This means that as long as I, or anyone else, changes and strives to be better will receive the full benefit package (so to speak) of His atoning sacrifice. All He asks is that we do our best and then fix things when we screw up. He makes up the difference with God the Father.” I disagree strongly with this part. 🙂

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