Exposé! Who Is Behind the True War on Women?

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I know I just barely posted yesterday, but something has been weighing on my mind, and I think I finally have the words to express myself properly.

I have been hearing a lot of stuff circulating lately about the “War on Women”. I have seen everything from President Obama’s speech where he throws out the condemning statistic that women earn an average of 71 cents to every dollar that a man earns, to the new “Ban Bossy” thing sponsored by Girl Scouts of America and advocated by Michelle Obama and Beyoncé. I have seen the arguments for the “Pro-Choice” movement. I have seen several women, most recently Belle Knox, a college student from Duke University, proclaim how liberating and ennobling it is being involved in the porn industry.

Those are just a few examples of recent feminist efforts to push the agenda of what they see as equality for women… and it is the most pathetic load of tripe I have ever had the misfortune to learn about. Of all the things to worry about for women in the world today, feminists choose to focus on banning the word bossy because it demeans young girls? (Even when the word can be used to describe either gender…) They choose to laud the flagrant objectification of women through pornography, because trust me, that is what it is?They choose to focus on a statistic so fallaciously generalized and misleading that it never should have been used?

When I consider the truly great things our fore-mothers accomplished for women in the last century, I am saddened to think of how they would react if they saw what is going on today. These were the suffragists who plowed through horrendous persecution to get women the right to vote. These are the brave souls who made it possible for women to become doctors, lawyers, and other occupations previously reserved for men. They got women the right to escape from abusive marital relationships, and made it possible for them to have access to their children in the event of a divorce. Because of them we can now play sports at a professional level like men. We can get the same level of education as men. There are so many things that women and girls today take for granted because they never had to fight for many of the rights and privileges our ancestors did. In fact, women enjoy far more equality today than any other time in history. 

Don’t get me wrong, there are still incredibly sexist men out there who will always see and treat women with some level of disrespect. Keep in mind, that there are many women who are just as disdainful and sexist against men though. There is always at least one idiot out there who is bigoted, prejudiced, and cruel to one group of people or another. There are still members of the KKK, and the Nazi party for goodness sake! I must emphasize that these groups are a minority in every sense of the word. If a person is truly stupid enough to reveal how small they are by discriminating against someone because of gender, ethnicity, religion, etc. they only reveal how small and petty they are. As long as they keep their petty hate issues to themselves and don’t go out of their way to commit crimes against others, I have no problem leaving them to their own devices. They are the ones who have issues, not me.

So… who is waging the real war against women? There is a war on women, trust me, but the battle lines are no longer being drawn by who feminists claim. The war is no longer solely the fault for men. In fact, most of the fault falls squarely on the shoulders of women.

It is women who choose to objectify themselves by stripping down in front of a camera for everyone to see. I guarantee the people who watch those videos and pictures are not doing it for the girl’s artistic talent or for her personality, or for the support of the feminist movement. They watch those things because they want sexual stimulus. Period. They don’t care about the girl, her name, her situation in life, nothing. They are only watching to satisfy their own lust. The porn is only a tool to satisfy themselves. If young women like Belle Knox feel empowered by supplying the demands of that horrendous industry, they are only deluding themselves. No one who sees her on their screen is going to sit there and think, “Wow, what an inspirational, sweet young college student. I am so glad that she feels liberated from the oppressive, sexist world, and can now artistically express herself with little societal backlash.” Think about it. Sooner or later, these women who allow themselves to be used this way will feel the weight of shame they brought on themselves and will regret the sad image of women they promoted.

As for abortion… I cannot help but sigh at this issue. I have heard every argument in favor of the self-proclaimed “Pro-Choice” movement, and none of it is convincing to me. There are VERY few instances where an abortion would be appropriate in my mind. For instance, if the life of the mother was in jeopardy, or in certain rape cases I must agree that abortion may be necessary. Those cases are extremely rare, and most abortions occur because a woman or barely sexually mature girl choose to engage in activities that result in pregnancy (to say the least) as a consequence. The saddest part about it is that they are led to believe that simply getting rid of the fetus gets rid of the problem. It does not. For the woman there is permanent emotional damage, and sometimes physical damage, as well. There are women I know who have not gotten over the emotional trauma of abortion years and years after the fact. Call the baby less than human before birth if you like, but the fact remains that we were all fetuses at one point, and it is a woman’s natural instinct to nurture and protect the growing life inside her. I know it is there for me. Just the thought of anything bad happening to my baby makes me want to cry.

I could keep going. Many people have. I have seen countless articles, books, and videos arguing back and forth on every point I have only touched on. There are many complications and side issues related to what I have said that make an argument for both directions. You do not have to look far to find them. Most people already have opinions on the matter with varying levels of credibility. You are entitled to your own opinion whatever it is. I have said, and will continue to say mine, no matter what anyone else thinks of me. And, God willing, I will be able to teach my children true respect for women. I will teach my sons to honor and dignify women and be gentlemen, and I will teach my daughters to have enough respect for themselves not to demean themselves the way many liberal feminists encourage.

*Picture courtesy of google.com. Please note that I am making no references to anyone in the military of any country. The picture is only intended to support an argument about feminism.


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