Just a Few Words to Attempt to Express the Feelings of My Heart


I have made several blog entries that talk specifically about God the Father, and I will probably revisit different facets of my feelings for God in the future. Today, I feel the need to express my love and devotion for His Only Begotten Son in the flesh, Jesus Christ… or rather, I feel the need to try. Anyone who has felt the power of the atoning sacrifice of the Redeemer will know what I mean. It is all but impossible to describe the feeling of having the agony of hell lifted off your shoulders, and be simultaneously granted access to complete peace and joy.

I feel similarly at this moment to the many times on my mission (I served a proselyting mission in the beautiful state of Alaska.) when I would testify of the healing power that the Savior has, and of the love and desire he has to heal everyone. I feel woefully inadequate to share the message of Christ. He has been there for me and my family many times and has mended my broken heart more times than I care to count. I am grateful that He is so willing to help me, and be there for me. If there is one thing my old emotional/ spiritual scars have taught me, it is that Christ can and will heal everything. All that we need to do is trust that He will do it… then comes the hard part. We have to let Him.

As the due date for my baby’s delivery draws near, I hope that I can teach my son just how wonderful the Gospel of Jesus Christ is. Because of Him, we have hope. Because of Him, we can be whole. Because of Him, we can be together forever as a family in the presence of God. I know this because I have prayed and I have felt the peace that only He can bring. I have also been blessed to see the miracle of Christ’s atonement work in the lives of many others. I have seen hardened individuals fall on their knees in prayer and watched the light of peace come into their countenances, and I can tell you right now there is nothing more exquisitely beautiful in the world. I hope that my son will be able to feel it for himself one day.

May God bless all of you. Happy Easter!


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